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Charlie Hooper’s Bar & Grille and Lew’s Grill & Bar proudly support a variety of charitable organizations & schools in the greater Kansas City area. We have donated thousands of gift cards to charities, causes and organizations over the years and will continue to do so!

We do, however, receive many requests each month and the needs are far greater than our allocated resources. It is not possible to accommodate every single request but we certainly do our best to support our local community and our customers’ interests. If your non-profit organization, charity and/or school is interested in our charitable gift card donation program, here’s how to get started:

Please submit a Donation Request Form by clicking the link below. If your request is granted, you can expect to receive your digital gift card(s) in via the e-mail address you provide prior to the ‘event date / date needed by’ you indicate on the application form. Gift cards will not be available for pick up at the restaurant.

All forms must be submitted no less than 90 days prior to your event to be considered.

Thank for your interest in our Charitable Gift Card Donation Program!

  • All organizations must submit a Donation Request Form to be considered. We cannot accept emails and/or phone calls for donation requests.

  • Donation Request Forms must be submitted no fewer than 90 days prior to your event.

  • Our Gift Cards are accepted at Lew’s Grill and Bar and Charlie Hooper’s Bar and Grille.

  • Email with questions or comments.

  • We are happy to consider donation requests from all types of organizations, schools and events EXCEPT the following:

    • Individuals seeking aid

    • Organizations lacking proof of 501(c)(3) status

    • Conferences and seminars

    • Research studies or projects

    • Travel or transportation expenses

    • Capital campaigns, building projects or equipment

  • We do not provide food donations or food sampling for events, nor do we make cash donations or provide cash sponsorships of individuals or organizations.

To begin your donation request, please review/complete all information below and click “Submit”

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(Organizations are generally funded at the $20-$25 level)

Has Your Organization Received Support From Us Before? *
Would Your Organization Consider Buying Gift Cards or Hosting a Private Event with us in the Future for Employees/Members/Donors, etc.? *

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